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SoftLock2 Licensing Tool

logo libsoftlock2 is an application library / DLL with an API that empowers your company with ready to use code example in C++. It is cross-platform ( Windows / Linux ) with extreemly secure software license management. The typical user is an application development company that doesn't have a few years for a team to develop a secure license management system. The system includes the library/DLL, example code, user registration and accounts, your companies admin account. After payment has been received your admin account creates the user license at the click of a button. These license are perminatly tied to the hardware platform. If the user installs on a new hardware platfrom it would requre a new license or a conversion at your descretion. This also include license protection in virtual environment! Our business model is a per user license fee based on volume. The admin account is free.
logo softlock2_provides a c++ driver example program that demenonstrates just how simple it is to provide license management to your code.
logo softlock2 includes a free execuitable that demonstrates how our licensing works. To get started simply create an account, download, install and follow the provided HELP instructions.
logo The softlock2 signature tab. This signature is pasted into the account for license creation.
logo After the key is created and downloaded to the application directory, simply enter the option license and restart. Softlock provides up to 32 option license and counts. These allow for different levels application licensing.
logo Optionally, your company can also choose a subscription based license based on a time period. Softlock2 subscription license are based on the long form of the epoc time. The demo program displays the epoc hour at which the license would expire.