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logo AutoRye LLC. is based in Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in application software with over 30 years experiance and cross platform development. We aim to provide the best possible user experiance and the highest quality product on the market today!

Xyt - XY Tool Positioning Software

Xyt is a 2-axis ro 4-axis positioning platfrom that works with ARCUS Technology controllers. The software was origional designed for punch presses but can be adapted to other forms of control. The control is based on steps that are stored in a spreadsheet format.

SoftLock2 - Licensing Tools

We offer developers a ready to use license tool. The tool is in the form of a linkable license library. Example run-time code in various languages is available. This tool is very secure and will assure that each copy of your software sold will bring revene to your company. SoftLockIt uses a users based signature and centralized base to assure every computer where your software is installed is uniquely keyed. Users simply registers there signatures on our web site and after electronic payment is made a key is generated in there login account.